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IFRS 17: Discount Rates08. März 2018 - By Thomas Bulpitt and Andrew Gilchrist and Andrew Kay - Article

This paper focuses on the approaches available under IFRS 17 for the derivation of the discount rates for use in the various calculations required by the Standard.

Transition to IFRS 1719. Juni 2017 - By Sjoerd Brethouwer and Andrew Kay and Andrew Gilchrist and Aldo Balestreri and William C. Hines - Article

This paper discusses the possible approaches to transition and the main challenges that (re)insurers will face during the transition to IFRS 17.

Overview and practical considerations of the new insurance contract standard: IFRS 1719. Januar 2017 - By Gillian Tucker and Andrew Kay - Article
This briefing note discusses some of the challenges companies will face when adopting and applying International Financial Reporting Standard 17 (IFRS 17).Strategic implications of Solvency II31. Januar 2013 - By Andrew Kay and Eamonn Phelan - Article
Now is the time to prepare for the long-term impact of the new regime on business strategy.European Commission Guidelines on Gender Directive23. Februar 2012 - By Jim Murphy and Andrew Kay - Article
An analysis of guidelines recently issued by the European Commission on the application of the Gender Directive.Solvency II Hot Topics: Level 2 and Level 3 measures25. Januar 2012 - By Jim Murphy and Andrew Kay - Article
Integrating Financial & Non-Financial Aspects25. März 2010 - By Andrew Kay - Article
Solvency II Gap Analysis01. Februar 2010 - By Andrew Kay - Article

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